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Santa post man brought me  Lionel Jr 1700E red and silver streamliner today. 

Seller said he had cleaned and lubed it, so when I unpacked it I took it

in and put it on the layout.  Turned on the power and poof, sparks and smoke. 

I don't think 1700e's are sparkler locos or have smoke units so I turned it off

immediately. I slowly turned it back on and got the hum of death from the 

transformer. I tried moving some of the old wires around, didn't work. 

Dead short. I took the motor out and found some deteriorating insulating.

Put some tape on that, no help. I noticed the e-unit was partially out of the 

frame, no screws. I think the e-unit got jostled in shipping and got something

grounded that was not supposed to be. The train was packed very well, so 

I can't fault the seller. I finally ended up removing the e unit completely

and the train runs fine. I think the e unit fried the moment I turned on

the power. 

Pics and video attached. Including the evil e unit.IMG_20180419_203445IMG_20180419_203903


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