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Greg J. Turinetti posted:

I definitely have the collector gene.  I like to think that I have been able to keep it under control, however, the urge to add to the collection can become quite demanding.  I recently decided I "needed" to fill in some of the missing pieces in the Northwoods Flyer Collection.  So, I have started to look for American Flyer's 6 1/2" lithographed passenger cars that have their numbers lithographed on the side (yes there are versions without the number too).  I already have quite a few of them, but as I look at the Greenberg Guide there are so many more that I don't have.   And so the hunt begins; and hopefully I will be able to limit the collecting urge to just these cars (for now).  They often show up as single cars and are not too expensive when purchased as singles, and in operator condition.

As an example I recently picked up this #1205 Baggage car in blue with Type IV trucks.

**** collector gene... Nice finds Greg! Good Hunting....


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“Well”, the dispatcher drawls, “if you work for the BN it’s 2 pm;
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if you work for Amtrak it’s Tuesday!”

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