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Got brave and tried to make a removable scrap load for my NPR gondola. Cut a piece of polystyrene to fit the gondola and affixed it to a piece of foam to raise it up so I didn't have so much area to fill. painted it black and started gluing pieces of plastic scrap and brass and aluminum tubing to it. A little detail paint and...


Another view...


The load is just a press fit so when I want an empty gondola, I just pull it out.


One day an engineer calls the dispatcher and asks him for the time. The dispatcher responds by asking him what road he works for… The engineer is a little upset and snaps “What difference does that make?”
“Well”, the dispatcher drawls, “if you work for the BN it’s 2 pm;
if you work for the UP it is 1400;
if you work for the NFS the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 2; and
if you work for Amtrak it’s Tuesday!”



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