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Tried out another "custom" car today. I recently bought a Marx 999 "junker" for parts and it came with a small assortment of rather tired rolling stock. One of the cars was a NIACET tank car that had seen better days..


I wanted something a little different so I started looking at S scale tank car decals. Not much available in this scale but, I happened upon a Herald  King decal set for a Sinclair tank car. I looked into Sinclair and their history and it seems back in the day, they had the largest privately owned tank car fleet. So, a little black paint later...


Still have to apply some dull coat and a few more details.


One day an engineer calls the dispatcher and asks him for the time. The dispatcher responds by asking him what road he works for… The engineer is a little upset and snaps “What difference does that make?”
“Well”, the dispatcher drawls, “if you work for the BN it’s 2 pm;
if you work for the UP it is 1400;
if you work for the NFS the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 2; and
if you work for Amtrak it’s Tuesday!”



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