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jhz563 posted:
Steve "Papa" Eastman posted

The main drive gear could be dry. They are a pain to get to. They are under the electronics if I recall. This is for P3.

thanks Steve,

 I was really hoping to not have to take apart a brand new engine, but I would really like to occasional run faster than 35 smph.  And it is a ps3

Well it was a pain to get to.  The gears had a minimum amount of lube so I added some grease.  It still makes way too much noise as far as I am concerned.  There is no bottom plate under the gears to form an actual gearbox. I think that may be why it sounds so loud.29CBA8C3-74DF-4E48-A1F9-8E75B68C6573B2C9DA10-812D-4572-98A5-B4B594B89B2F


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