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Jim Waterman posted:
George S posted:
Dennis Holler posted:

Got a couple of cars to repaint, sorry, I needed a 2814 Reefer for my new Goetz decals, much like the one George created. Now I just have to find the paint.  Haven't located the Krylon Georgia red clay color locally yet!

mth purple 2814R

I got the Krylon Covermaxx Gloss Georgia Clay from Amazon.  Here's the link:

only one left in stock!


So is that 'Georgia Clay' color a good match for 'Boxcar Red' (what Floquil used to call that brownish color that many boxcars were painted in the 40's and early 50's)? Anybody got a good rattle can match for PRR Tuscan Red (or Brunswick Green for that matter?)


Judging from George's first reefer repaint, the Georgia clay looks to be a pretty decent flat brown/red like as used as boxcar red or reefer red.  On the PRR colors, I've still not seen anything real close.  I do have some of the FLoquil colors for the red and green but have yet to try and air brush them.

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