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John Smatlak posted:
O Gauge Guy posted:
480px-Hornby_Signal_Cabin_No2_42,370_[MCat_1956)sncf231e posted:
O Gauge Guy posted:

This arrived yesterday to enhance the enjoyment of my weekend.  All of my pre-war tinplate is either Lionel or Marklin, and I’ve never been greatly excited by Hornby.  However here in Australia Hornby dominated the market, so there’s lots available.  I saw this signal box / switch tower and just had to have it!  It’s actually closer to a local prototype.


I managed to straighten a few corners that were bent.  It looks like the roof has been removed at some point as one of the tabs is not inserted into the slot.  Now I have to decide whether to risk removing the roof again to fix the loose chimney and clean the inside.



Since it does not have a hinged roof this looks not like a prewar version (No 2E Signal Cabin), but like a postwar version (No 2 Signal Cabin) which was made with this orange roof colour from 1955-57. It is a nice accessory anyway, but as you can see on my (green roofed) version it does not like the sun.



Thank you for this helpful information Fred.  Yes, the sun is doing some damage.  I've seen these with a red roof, a green roof and a blue roof - also an aqua-cyan roof, although maybe this one was faded.  From a 1935 and 1956 catalogue:



The holiday weekend provided some time to check another project off the list- adding a light to my Hornby Signal Cabin. Not sure if Hornby ever did this with this particular accessory, but the lever frame inside needed lighting! The socket and wire were secured in place with bits of hot glue, so it is easily reversible should a future owner of the piece not want to have it. For more details on the lever frame inside, see my post of 8/7/18: Now I just need to find the tower operator figure to go inside!

Hornby Signal Cabin lightedHornby Signal Cabin lighted 3

Hornby Signal Cabin lighted 2

I recently acquired some of the correct type Hornby supports for the throw rods; these kept the rods in place parallel to the track. Note also the gent inside the tower.

Hornby signal cabin and lever frame with throw rods


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  • Hornby signal cabin and lever frame with throw rods
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