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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

dmestan posted:

I don't collect much tinplate but I've always wanted a wind-up train and found this AF set at the DuPage train show.  The seller said it was "The Rainbow" set but my (limited) research indicates that the tender and coaches are not correct, and it does not have an observation.  Either way it's cool enough for me.  It barely runs at all on the original track, and on my O54 circle under the tree I can only get it to go around 2 1/2 times on 4 1/2 turns.  Once it stops it still has 2 turns left on it.  I did apply a drop of oil to the wheels on the coaches which helped a lot.  I also picked up a station stop and water tower.     


At York I picked up an 8 wheel rainbow set.




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