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I bought this little guy as a Christmas present to me. It's one of two McCoy pieces I really want to get my hands on, the other is the Wapid Wabbit

Best part is, it runs great! Just needed a little lube


A very cool piece. I like the figures though I find them curiously "random". Like there is a story to go with it I don't know about... like what's the passenger got... milk and crackers? And whats up with the "lab coat"? ... A pharmacist and a guy with milk of magnesia? Nice whimsy, but the figures seem almost out of place to me.

I think a cowboy hat on the standing figure might have me thinking western trenchcoat, but I only see lab coat right now.  (not sayin' I'm not jealouse )

I thought the figures were Bob McCoy and Bob Jr. I can't find any online reference to back me up right now. I think it is a western style, long overcoat, not a lab coat. The farming and western themes match some of the other McCoy train themes. The characters can certainly be described as whimsical!


In the book From A Chicken Coop to Model Trains, it says the #45 hand cars were made from 1980 to 84, then again in 1987. The figures were all hand painted, so no two were exactly alike. No reference to the figures being patterned after anyone.



Arno had several of these hand cars in his collection and you are absolutely correct, no two were painted the same.  As I recall, not all the figures were the same either.

Bob Nelson

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