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A recent acquisition of some fairly elaborate Bing O gauge tinplate to go with my Bing (for Bassett Lowke) George the Fifth 4-4-0 clockwork loco- three Pullman cars for the British market, fitted with flip-top roofs and dining car interiors. They are 12" long and I have two "Rosemary" and one "Plato". One of the "Rosemary" cars has a very interesting cloth curtain inside that the other two do not. Does anyone know if these curtains were original to the dining car interiors (perhaps someone made it themselves)?

I also recently acquired a copy of the 1972 book reprinting Bing's catalogs 1866-1933. From page 258 (1927 catalog), my new cars appear to be the 10/559/0 Speisewagen (Dining Car). Also on page 243 (1926 catalog) is the Bing "Mercury" Train, set 3710/02 being a George V 4-4-0 loco / tender and "two Pullman dining cars fitted with chairs and tables, each running on two dour-wheeled bogies, and with doors to open". Some images are attached from these catalogs. And by the way, this nice person put a scan of the Bing 1926 catalog online at:

Comparing these cars to other photos of similar cars on the internet I note that they may originally have had passageway diaphragms that clipped into the hole above the train door. Also, some similar cars have spring-loaded buffers whereas these are plain. 

Any additional info would be welcome. I'll make a video of them running behind the loco and post that as well.

Bing O gauge PullmansBing O gauge Pullmans 2Bing O gauge Pullmans 3Bing O gauge Pullmans 4Bing O gauge Pullmans 5Bing O gauge Pullmans 6Bing O gauge Pullmans 7Bing O gauge Pullmans 8

Bing O gauge dining carsMercury train from 1926 catalog

Underside of "Plato":

Bing O gauge Pullmans 9


And here is the pic of a similar "Plato" Pullman, but with diaphragms and spring-loaded buffers:

Bing Plato with diaphragm and spring buffers


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