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John Smatlak posted:



And here's the next question- how do you get a wheel/axle set out of one of the Bing 1920's O gauge trucks? I'm used to being able to widen up the truck frame enough to slip one end of the axle out (either by some gentle bending or disassembly), but I've discovered you can't do that with these. I removed the side frame from the truck with some further loosening of the tabs (this one was already loose at the old solder joint between the bolster and the side frame), but the ends of the axle appear to be captive inside the little O gauge axle box on the side frames. Do they have a collar on the end of the axle?

I need to straighten one bent axle, hence my interest. Some photos attached, along with a video of the Bing clockwork train running with the other two coaches.


Nice video John, your cars are perfect  with the 440.  Restoring Bing cars of that series is sometime painful...  I have also had some difficulties and it seems that the bogies where not intended to be removed.

I have in the spare part section an extra bogie with the cover axle lost and here is the solution, a round collar at the end of the axle, you are right. Easy to remove when the cover is not on the bogie but at first you will need to move the two tabs, top and under, of the main frame bogie. look at the pictures it's maybe better to understand.

Good luck with your fixing.    Daniel



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