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    I can't wait to see what follows him home when Phillip finds out they make pairs of track pliers 

Wait... what? Do I need track pliers too?

No, you can get by with other pliers and tools. Just focus on buying more track and trains for now.

I still don’t own track pliers. I use my needle nose, cutting and regular pliers depending on what track repair I am doing. It’s worked so far. 


No, you don't necessarily NEED them; "a golden hammer"

I use blunted top cutters, etc. just as often.

  You could spend a lot on the "right" tools if you choose to, and some jobs do require them, but many thousands of folks "make due" daily as well.

"Still trying to not shoot my eye out"


"Nursing insomnia one railcar at a time"

My aroma therapy? Smoke Pellets.


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