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A while back I picked up an O gauge Flyer Hudson loco (1680/4680-1681 Type XII) with a sheet metal "flat top" fluted-roof (Type XI) tender. I just found a set of the 6-axle streamliner cars (in chrome) Ca. 1938-39 to go with it. I've always liked these cars, but have noticed they're hard to find in good condition. This particular set is a little played with, but overall has a quite satisfactory appearance. The celluloid window inserts (with the blue window shade stripe) are happily still in good shape, which is a really nice feature.

Looking at examples of this set owned by other collectors, and photos on the internet, the Hudson I have apparently does not have the correct tender for the sets with the chrome cars. The Greenberg American Flyer Prewar O gauge book, page 210 discusses "sets with chrome cars"- the No. 20 and 321 sets in which these chrome cars were paired with the Hudson came with the Type XII tender, which has a coal bunker and 6-axle trucks. The 6-axle trucks make sense as they match the cars, although a tender with the flat top roof (instead of the coal bunker) would match the profile of the passenger cars. I'm still digesting the info on page 72 re: the tenders. More info would be welcome.

Still need to get the headlight working on the Hudson, but in any case this set has a mighty roar going around the layout, some photos and videos attached for your enjoyment.

Flyer streamliner set 2Flyer streamliner setFlyer streamliner obs car at stationFlyer streamliner set 3Flyer streamliner set 4



Images (5)
  • Flyer streamliner set 2
  • Flyer streamliner set
  • Flyer streamliner obs car at station
  • Flyer streamliner set 3
  • Flyer streamliner set 4
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Flyer Hudson streamliner IMG_3581
Flyer Hudson streamliner IMG_3580
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