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I’m have a few Modern Marx prototypes-shop samples. Marx was very good about identifying these. I have passed on a few due to no markings or tag. Our forum friend Robert Butler has tons. Here are a few of my recent arrivals. 


I love this one. Royal Canadian, I don’t think it was ever produced.

Royal CP 1Royal CP 2Royal CP 3

Marx Trains would begin fit checking as parts were being made, often using original Marx parts while waiting for their parts to be made. This was a learning opportunity for them to verify fit as their parts became available. This one is a fully functioning Modern Marx loco, but it has original Marx side plates.

CP Shop Sample 1CP Shop Sample 2CP Shop Sample 3

Not sure about this one. The boiler is obviously a 8401 Marlines Loco, but the side boards are from the very hard to find gray PRR 8271. No factory markings or tag, so no 100% sure this is a factory piece. Due to the uncertainty, I've passed on a few others with no markings, but this one caught my fancy so I bought it anyway.

PRR-Marlines 1PRR-Marlines 2


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