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A few days ago, I got a large train station, which the seller had completely disassembled. There were also various tabs broken off.


First, the missing tabs were replaced. More than 20.


After the first assembly. It lacked two small walls, on which the central roof rests. In addition, in the back wall of the central building was a large sawn-out hole.


With the help of images from a book by Michael D. Foster (British Toy Trains Volume 3 Brimtoy), the missing parts were traced.

These were then laminated to sheet metal.


Adjusting the wall elements. The various damaged areas are from former Hornby stickers, which were still partially present as leftovers. Under the glue, the paint had gotten rusty spots.


And done. This is the Brimtoy S4 station, built in 1927-31. He is considered one of the largest metal railway stations ever built in the UK, with a length of 66 cm (26 1/2 inch), he is really huge.

The only missing part is a signal, which belongs to the right of the building.

The whole model was assembled at Brimtoy from existing models, the buildings on the left and right are the big signal houses with modified front printing. The middle building is a small station, which was as single available too, this corresponds in size to the Brimtoy goods shed, which is a copy of the Bing freight shed.



Here in the size comparison with a station 60/61 from Bing.






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