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0F3B204C-3862-4599-BB11-938C6B1C9B8C18601912-E183-417E-BDCE-6B4ED7F3C30DMy flea market find today.

I bought all in a lot and appears to be as it was how many years ago. The A.F. Hudson actually tried to move and the headlight did light.

Beleive the standard gauge gon is A.F. and the tank is 1911 Ives vintage.

I know the two engines/tender and two freight cars are American Flyer,but am I correct on the standard gauge gon and tank ?

Added these two bottom pictures of the two manual switches. I’ve never noticed the center rail pin made like that. Any idea on year of the A.F. switches ?


Collin "The Eastern Kentucky & Ohio R.R."


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