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John Smatlak posted:

A unique structure for my layout, a General Electric cardboard building that was made as a store display piece. Speaking to antique lighting collector Marv Byers at the Toy Show I learned that GE had a whole series of these buildings for store display. You would put a light bulb inside and it that illuminated features like the sign through the pin holes in the cardboard. Pity these weren't available in tinplate! Also included is a shot of another one I saw (but did not buy) at the Glendale Toy Show. I found mine like new (still flat) on Ebay. 

Edison Mazda Lamps cardboard building


I noticed this in a video of your layout last week and had to look it up. Thanks for sharing the details. The pinhole effect is cool. The graphics look like tin lithograph. It fits in nicely. I saw the other building in a Google image search too. I hadn’t really heard of GE Mazda, so it was interesting nostalgia research. I agree it would be nice to have in tin.

Here’s another version, and I think I found at least one other version of the house.




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