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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

Few nice pick ups today: Pair of Flyer(originally unknown) prewar litho bridge approaches for $5 so I jumped at that. Also picked up the shell of a red 629 Pullman which is going to serve as a dinner on my layout.

Pullman Shell with Flyer Approaches

As I said- didn't know who made the approaches at first- I've seen them around often but neer in a baby blue color. Luckily, the track was quite dirty so I put a bit a bit more alcohol than usual on a scotch bright pad after other methods failed(I never do this with tinplate for fear of ruining the paint). The alcohol dripped onto the approach and down the sides to reveal brown bricks! So then I found that the approaches are AF 112s. Finished product below(already had the US steel bridge and it fit):

Cleaned Up Flyer 112 Bridge ApproachFull Flyer Approach

This week I made one transition car(Lionel Lines 1679 Baby Ruth) to work to connect Ives automatic couplers, Flyer tab/slot couplers, or really any tab slot coupler with a Lionel latch coupler. Further, showing a picture of a train I used to play with all the time as a kid- Shell 2654. Always had a box coupler and auto knuckle but I had to replace the auto knuckle due to constant uncoupling.

Transition Coupler Cars

Also did some digging around in the basement and storage, came across these:

Hubley Train & Windup Repro

The orange loco and blue tender are diecast and made by Hubley. My Pop bought the reproduction tin wind-up toy for me about 15 years ago, it's a repro but I still love it.

Finally, with the talk I saw about Metal Masters( Steve "Papa" Eastman) this week, I caught car fever a bit so I thought I'd post them a very small sample of those toy like cars that I switch on and off my layout. First is an assortment by different manufacturers. Starting in the front, left to right: "It's a Beaut" police car, tootsie green convertible, red midget toys futuristic car?. In the back: Lupor friction FBI car, Goodee Van, Wyandotte Cement Truck(missing top half)Assorted Vehicles

Finally, always thought these were cool. More awesome things my grandfather had in his attic. Ulrich "extra freight" trucks on HO scale. I love that it shows the RR name/logo and slogan. I believe these were sold as "kits" with limited assembly required. I keep the Illinois California eXpress & Seaboard on the more toy like part of my layout. The Green truck in the back just says "Short Valley Lines". :

Ulrich Extra Freight Trucks HO scale




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  • Pullman Shell with Flyer Approaches
  • Cleaned Up Flyer 112 Bridge Approach
  • Full Flyer Approach
  • Transition Coupler Cars
  • Hubley Train & Windup Repro
  • Assorted Vehicles
  • Ulrich Extra Freight Trucks HO scale
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