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A couple of recent purchases.

A boxed O gauge clockwork Hornby no.1 G set. I love the embossed box lid and the standard parts description inside. The engine and cars are assembled using bolts and square nuts rather than tabs. The set was sold assembled and repair was really intended to be by Hornby. They phased the bolt and nut assembly out and reverted to tabs shortly after this set was produced. This set dates to early 1924, is in much better condition than the pictures reflect and runs very nicely.

The next set pictured is an electric powered Bing HO/OO gauge set as produced for the British market. This is a welcome addition to my growing Bing tabletop railway collection. Strangely, although of British configuration, this has an operating headlight. I don't know the exact year of production: 1924-1931? My good friend Steve Clarke was able to rebuild the the blown commutator on both this example and the one I have for the American market.


TCA, LCCA, Ives Train SocietyIMG_6886IMG_6887IMG_6888IMG_6889IMG_6890IMG_6891


Images (6)
  • IMG_6886: Vintage 1924 Hornby clockwork set
  • IMG_6887: Vintage 1924 Hornby clockwork set
  • IMG_6888: Vintage 1924 Hornby clockwork set
  • IMG_6889: Vintage 1924 Hornby clockwork set
  • IMG_6890: Bing HO/OO electric tabletop railway
  • IMG_6891: Bing HO/OO electric tabletop railway
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