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Just getting back to this thread.

Thanks folks for all of the postings on "Big Ben" and for the sleuthing.  Mine is all tan and has a "Best if used by" date of 9/30/2014.

This is another piece that I spent some time looking for on ebay because I saw it in someone's photos of their layout.  I have had it for several years now.

And a size comparison with Big Ben

The next layout will have a Wide Gauge portion (maybe 5 rail track) and I have been considering having a World's Fair theme park on it.  Perfect place for these pieces, and I also have a reproduction Hellgate Bridge  that I could use.  Does anyone have a "tinplate" model of any other iconic buildings?  Hmmmm  wonder if I could find a cookie tin of St Basil's in Moscow.

Image result for st basil's cathedral

Thanks again for your posts.

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