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It doesn't always work out! 

Like many others I bought one of the tinplate buildings from Michael's craft store last Christmas season.

I thought this would be a nice simple repaint project, so I decided on Blue and White, largely because I had those color rattle cans in the garage. This one screamed "General Store" to me so that what I wanted to make it.

 Fortunately the front and back separate easily with a couple screws.  It turns out the bulk of the front facade is actually wood!

The metal front is an embossed sheet piece

I taped everything up and prepared to make it look beautiful, one coat at time over several nights in the garage.

Unfortunately, even with a coat a primer, whatever the base coat was, it didn't like getting repainted!




Looks like this project will be a do over.  I am going to try to sneak this into the sandblast cabinet at work, and then hit it with primer again.  Since the base materiel appears to be galvanized, I am open to suggestions on painting/prep if anyone has some experience to share.

I've only primed mine so far but I used Train Enamel. Also I scuffed up the paint with scotchbrite and ran a tack cloth over it before laying down the primer. What kind of primer did you use?

I did a couple of tin houses and still working on them. I to use the red scotch bright and wipe it down with lacquer thinner. Some folks have problems with the paint chipping off but if you prep the surfaces it helps. 
Just have fun and take your time.
To me this project will learn teach the art of masking.
I use the thin model masking tape for covering/edging in the detailed areas then the blue masking tape for the large fill in areas.
Still have to put clear plastic sheet in for the windows and add curtains and shades and signage.
This will be my "Standard Ville Dance Hall"

Mine will go on a detailed wooden base that is landscaped with fences, bushes, trees and a walkway.


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