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It doesn't always work out! 

Like many others I bought one of the tinplate buildings from Michael's craft store last Christmas season.

I thought this would be a nice simple repaint project, so I decided on Blue and White, largely because I had those color rattle cans in the garage. This one screamed "General Store" to me so that what I wanted to make it.


Fortunately the front and back separate easily with a couple screws.  It turns out the bulk of the front facade is actually wood!

The metal front is an embossed sheet piece

I taped everything up and prepared to make it look beautiful, one coat at time over several nights in the garage.

Unfortunately, even with a coat a primer, whatever the base coat was, it didn't like getting repainted!


Looks like this project will be a do over.  I am going to try to sneak this into the sandblast cabinet at work, and then hit it with primer again.  Since the base materiel appears to be galvanized, I am open to suggestions on painting/prep if anyone has some experience to share.

I've only primed mine so far but I used Train Enamel. Also I scuffed up the paint with scotchbrite and ran a tack cloth over it before laying down the primer. What kind of primer did you use?

I just wiped it off, didn't scotchbrite it or anything, just assumed it was a basic silver paint.  Since posting I have also read that wiping it down with vinegar before painting may help with the adhesion.  Anyway since I now need to get the paint off I think this will have an interesting look when done.  I should go get some pinstriping tape. Cutting the tape with a razor blade is tedious.  

I used a rustoleum white primer.  Indeed just one of many rattle cans in the garage, but decent quality.  I will keeps folks posted as to how this turns out.

John Z.

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