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Steve "Papa" Eastman posted:
StevefromPA posted:

Picked the first two up on Friday. The destination sign if by Bing, I believe(possibly Märklin). The roof, sides, signs are original. Unfortunately the base appear to have been replaced. Still, I was happy to find this guy

Thr 2nd item is a Bing crossing sign with bell. Unfortunately no lettering on the sign and lacks the pole mechanism. But again, like this piece. The reason I was upset the Coty Destination sign lacked the original base was because I love the original based by Bing, Märklin, Issmayer, Carretes, etc... just something about the colors and texture. 

question on this one as well- how does one attach it to the tracks? Lol

below: 2 Metal Masters buses(can you spot the difference. And a Hubly Kiddie Toy with the paper insert that shows the cars underbody stil intact.C575F9D5-F0EA-41CD-9A30-48262DE516A3

Pictures a bit dark, but it looks like two different front wheel openings.


Winner! Yes then front bus has exposed front wheels while the rear bus has covered front wheels.

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