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An update on my standard gauge interurban created by Karl Rammling from an old Lionel passenger car. When I bought it at York the front was partly bare metal from Karl's original conversion many years ago. The ends have now been painted, window glass / clerestory added in the side and end windows, and green and red lenses added in the marker light openings (from an old Lionel 022 switch lamp). I also added an additional bulb up front to illuminate the headlight. It already ran great with it's Lionel bild-a-loco motor and chain drive, now it looks a bit more complete.

Here's what it looked like when I got it, lots of bare metal where the new front end had been created, removing the original doorway and adding windows, headlight and destination sign:

Karl Rammling standard gauge interurban before

Current appearance:

Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 2Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 3Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 4Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19


Images (5)
  • Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 2
  • Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 3
  • Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19 4
  • Karl Rammling interurban 6-8-19
  • Karl Rammling standard gauge interurban before
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