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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

StevefromPa, Adriatic, and SNCF231E - just to add to the confusion below is a timeline progression of the trademark from some boxed sets of Bing.

Box lid from train cataloged in 1904 - Clockwork European outline engine


Box lid from train cataloged 1914 - American Market

Bing_Box_1914 copy

Box lid from trains mid-1920's - train set is NYC for the American market. Cars have plated wheels and are illuminated


Box lid from trains cataloged late 1920's - Generic set - electric outline locomotive passenger train would fit in anywhere

Bing_Box_late_1920s copy



Images (4)
  • Bing_Box_1904
  • Bing_Box_1914 copy
  • Bing_Box_1924
  • Bing_Box_late_1920s copy
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