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These arrived yesterday, with matching coaches. Both are Ives 3241s with a 184 buffet and 186 observation. The green one does run, but needs a new light bulb, as I believe it shattered during shipping. The red one, unfortunately, doesn't move. It buzzes loudly and at one point, started smoking. I have no idea what was going on, but once I saw smoke, I stopped trying to run it. Anyone have an idea why its not moving and smoking? Would this be an easy repair?


Too hard to say if easy or hard with that little smidge of info. What exactly smokes is very relevent. Does it freewheel easily when pushed without power?  If not, start there with oiling and mechanical jiggling until it does or you know the mechanicals are stopping it (not WD -40 except to flush crap out, it's not a "true" oil. Bad rust, may take penetrate oil [liquid wrench, pb blaster, etc. keep this off windings, paint etc)... then flush and use motor oil. Visually check wires. From there a cheapie multi meter (ohm, volt at least) is a great help (and learning tool at the same time), a test light-even home made with a wire and 12-18v volt bulb beats nothing. Start a thread and you'll get better, more personalized help from folks.

  If it gets skipped over by (slim) chance, drop me an email at the address in my profile with a heads up. It's not rocket science, just something you aren't familiar with.        ....yet 😉.  The basics all pretty much the same for any open frame train motor. Nothing not learned in jr high electrical 101 class. You mostly only need the experts to wire things exactly as built (so easy there are multiple ways to wire things safely)...and that could be a last step.

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