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Just got this yesterday from across the pond via eBay. Hornby by Meccano building. Didn’t know what it was at first, just thought it looked really neat and the price was reasonable. Upon arrival I noticed 3 fire tanks litho’d in the side, thus, it has now taken the place of my plasticville fire Station on the Lehigh Valley RR portion of my layout.



This has been shown in this thread before: Hornby No 2 signal cabin



Yours seems to be missing the external stairs on the left side.  Now here's a question: on the prototype, would the three buckets hanging on the wall in case of fire be filled with water? sand?

The stairs ain't missing, this is a Hornby No1 Signal Cabin, and the stairs are just printed on the side. As for the buckets, probably dry sand, fire buckets for use with water were always hung upside down, empty, obviously, to prevent them rotting out. They'd always be next to a standpipe too.

Cheers, Mark

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