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Nation Wide Lines posted:
Jim O'C posted:

I like this yellow double-stamped unit someone posted a few months back. Not sure the Dec. 1924 date is accurate though.

3007 gondola yellow

That is one of my cars.  The double sided litho appears on only one half of the inside of the car.  It is very interesting and I have never seen another lithographed car of any sort that features a similar reverse print.  

As for the dates, these cars are generally attributed to the period between 1925 and 1927, as they first appeared in the 1925 catalog and last appeared in the 1927 catalog.  


so Flyer fixed errors with repaint and shipped them out the door, but British Marx repaints and creates a whole different collectible niche with prices commensurate. go figure.

OVERPAINT ad352P OVERPAINT trioblue 352P overpaint set


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  • 352P OVERPAINT trio
  • blue 352P overpaint set
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