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Reply to "Buy/Make Anything Cool Lately (Tinplate Version)"

Nation Wide Lines posted:

OK, I am not as good at holding the suspense for long.  Here is the set.

I will admit to swapping the engine for one that was in my collection, as the one that came with the set had a large dent in one side.  However, I did keep the original headlight out of the engine, as it had a glass nipple at the top.


However, the engine I swapped into the set is of the same early 1922 vintage as the one that was in the set.  


Sadly, the baggage car is slightly alligatored, but it is very clean otherwise, with few chips.

Coach 1 is very nice



Coach 2 is equally as nice.


The roofs have a couple of small dents, but the original paint on the roofs is the best I have seen.  

The setbox is clearly marked as set 1306 and based on the couplers and motor, the set dates to early 1922.  




Wow! Great set! I haven't seen this one including those couplers. That's really neat!


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