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RonH posted:
Jamie Thompson posted:

Well I don’t know about cool but... I made a small Hornby MO type wagon as a test to see if I can make stuff before buying more tools. It’s still a bit rough as am still waiting for some files to arrive. Hopefully will look OK once finished and painted. 



Looks great, maybe do a how to on a new post. I m sure that a lot of folks would like to try and make one

Are the folded sides soldered together after he bend or are they just made tight.

Did you use a brake to do the bending or a vice?



Thanks RonH. 

Great Suggestion I will start a new how to thread shortly.

At this stage I have only rudimentary tools so had to make do with bending them in a vice. The sides are all folded tight and no soldering. 

I will post the plans I made aswell. 


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