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JEP O gauge E-501 2-B-2 electric loco. Posed with my Marklin CS 666/13020 electric, and also a JEP steeplecab. Also included is a video of it running on Hollis Cotton's O gauge layout. I can't run it on my layout because it won't fit under the bridge due to the extra-height fixed pantographs.
The E-501 features a very attractive lithographed body. From internet sources I can see it was also made in a plainer painted version, but I'm not sure of the time periods when these two versions were produced, perhaps someone out there knows?
It has a manual reverse that is connected to a rod that extends out to a lever on each side. Perhaps this was intended to work with a trackside actuator of some kind? I notice that this feature does not appear to be on the painted version.Also the painted version has a pair of spring-loaded "button" power pickups instead of the sliding shoe found on this one.
I'm also puzzling over the 3-position lever on the roof, which makes the headlight turn on, but then it doesn't run. Will have to open it up and look at the wiring.
JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 4JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 5JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 2JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 3JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 6JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 7JEP E501 2-B-2 loco


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  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 4
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 5
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 2
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 3
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 6
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco 7
  • JEP E501 2-B-2 loco
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