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John Smatlak posted:
JEP O gauge E-501 2-B-2 electric loco. Posed with my Marklin CS 666/13020 electric, and also a JEP steeplecab. Also included is a video of it running on Hollis Cotton's O gauge layout. I can't run it on my layout because it won't fit under the bridge due to the extra-height fixed pantographs.
The E-501 features a very attractive lithographed body. From internet sources I can see it was also made in a plainer painted version, but I'm not sure of the time periods when these two versions were produced, perhaps someone out there knows?
It has a manual reverse that is connected to a rod that extends out to a lever on each side. Perhaps this was intended to work with a trackside actuator of some kind? I notice that this feature does not appear to be on the painted version.Also the painted version has a pair of spring-loaded "button" power pickups instead of the sliding shoe found on this one.
I'm also puzzling over the 3-position lever on the roof, which makes the headlight turn on, but then it doesn't run. Will have to open it up and look at the wiring.

John, you have got a very nice first model of the 2B2 JEP loco. All my comments will do for the 2B2 and the steeple cab as they are exactly from the same time period.

The first model of the 2B2 has a very specific coupling system which has been used during a short time 1932-33, and just after replaced with the classic JEP hook and produced in 1933-34 with the same pickup sliding shoe.

Just after in 1933-34 the litho model was replaced with an all steel painted body in a light green color, not Lionel peacock but not too far, and in 1935-45 the color changed to dark green. Those two models now used the spring loaded button power pick up and has only one of those. Models of the 2B2 with two pick ups are post war. In 1938 the SNCF emerged from the previous private company railways so the stamped PO on the side of the engines became SNCF. There is also different type of motors.... All those changes where the same for the steeple cab, and they where put out of production around 1941 and not reintroduced after the second world war. Only the 2B2 survived from 1946 to 1951.

Your steeple cab with the reversing lever in the back window of the cab is from 1933-34 and is the last litho model of the series, you can find it with the old black roof or the new white-cream one of the first painted models.

The rod which extends on each side is used to reverse the loco with a special tie which clip under the track. When you push the black button on the side the flat bar goes up and catch the rod on the side of the engine. I hope i am clear.... if you want one i can send one to you. Maybe more clear with the picture....

For the lights you have to use a 6 volts 0.5 amp bulb. The lights are wired in series with the motor. The lever has two positions, on and off.

If you want to know more there is a very good book on JEP but is in french, there is no English edition.

All my best wishes, Daniel



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