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John Smatlak posted:

Another recently imported French toy train in O gauge- a Louis Roussy / LR / LE Rapide SNCF BB electric. It has a cast aluminum body and one powered truck and one idler. The powered truck uses traction tires, and the side frames are simply attached to the axle ends. So far it's not a good runner; the traction tires seem a bit wide and tend to bind against the side frames. Some photos attached from cleaning it up and taking care of some broken wires inside. Additional info on when this was made would be welcome

John, your french collection is on a very good way.

Le LR loco is a fine runner but on yours traction tires have been replaced, original ones don't extend outside the wheels and do not bind against the side frames. You could cut them easily I think and it will run fine. After maybe some cars to match with....

Here are some pictures of an original one, the loco has some differences with yours but the motor is basically the same.


Collecting and running trains from LR is sometime not easy as they suffer from zamack deterioration, traction tires problems may be solved as there is replacement ones in France, paint flacking is also common, and finally there is many motor variations plus AC and DC motors.

Those locos have been made from 1948 to 1954. There is two major models, the BB0401 is the one you have and a little more detailed one, the BB8105 illustrated under which has been made in the last production year only, 1955, and is less easy to find. I have each one and they are very nice running engines.


All my best wishes,  Daniel


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