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Reply to "Can you help diagnose my Lionel Hudson's problem ?"

31AB25F3-C63A-415A-A383-9E9913D3A8F6CF92A9EC-B1CA-4C14-B121-E361E2F86E9A6577D35A-B7BB-4FDD-97C0-36832678DC80A2CDE086-4A09-41D8-9D96-1FE138BF3AC93DEDB311-B2A9-4908-A72D-0CB17A82E4DDB22F0B81-F3BC-430D-A933-FA8C04AB61C59B580821-E501-4EE1-A6DE-508DD7CFA7EBI know this beautiful Lionel Hudson, I recommend you getting with Pat, Harmonyards, and get a Pittman motor, a Gunrunnerjohn Smoke system, add Lionel’s ERR system, get the 4 chuffs per revolution system, a detailed deck plate and above all else, new engineers. It’s a knock out beautiful steamer, worthy of all I’ve suggested. Harmonyards, The Harmon Shops, took my K-Line Hudson snd made it my most favorite Steamer, If I ever run across one of these steamers, I’m calling The Harmon Shops…. Happy Railroading Everyone


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  • 31AB25F3-C63A-415A-A383-9E9913D3A8F6
  • CF92A9EC-B1CA-4C14-B121-E361E2F86E9A
  • 6577D35A-B7BB-4FDD-97C0-36832678DC80
  • A2CDE086-4A09-41D8-9D96-1FE138BF3AC9
  • 3DEDB311-B2A9-4908-A72D-0CB17A82E4DD
  • B22F0B81-F3BC-430D-A933-FA8C04AB61C5
  • 9B580821-E501-4EE1-A6DE-508DD7CFA7EB
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