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Reply to "Cancellations"

Rocky Mountaineer posted:

Curious if MTH ever published a list this year of those items cancelled?  I pre-ordered the RockyMountaineer GP-40 locomotive, and I sure hope that's made its way into production.  The MTH website date shows Aug 2017 as an ETA.


Why would you order that?  LOL!

I'm still holding out for my Tinplate Caboose.  If they cancel this they'll get an engine and several cars back in the mail! But alas Andy said it will be made so I'll wait, not patiently, but I'll wait.

  It also shows Aug 2017...after showing July 2017, June 2017, May 2017, April 2017...  I know David used to monitor Lionel's shipping schedule pretty closely but MTH can be just as bad at watching dates go month to month.



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