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Reply to "Cancellations"

Rocky Mountaineer posted:

Curious if MTH ever published a list this year of those items cancelled?

Not that I know of....or that we (LHS) ever receive...snail- or e-mail.

The MTH website date shows Aug 2017 as an ETA.

That's probably a good thing....sort of.  If the website still has an ETA date, it's a good bet it will be made.......someday.  Which is the 'sort of'.........the ETA date is notoriously erratic.  A customer called us to say 'Where's my engine?  The website says its ETA is December 2017!'  So, I called MTH.   Production is now scheduled for February 2018, delivery '..sometime after April.'

I noticed that the GN R-2 (20-3698-1) that was cancelled returns on MTH's website searches.  However, when you click on the item number, you never get to the product page... Just goes back to the MTH homepage.  Is that normal behavior nowadays for products that MTH cancels?  

Not typically, in my experience.  Another customer has had an order card in our file that's rather brown around the edges it's so old.  He came in one day and said 'Hey, did they ever make my 11-90064?'  If you enter that in the "Product Locator" of the MTH website, you'll see the answer.

Per Jim's comment above re GN R-2, maybe the return-to-homepage is a new form of "In Limbo"


I tend to empathize with the folks at Lionel, MTH, Atlas, Bachmann, et al, that have off-shore (read: China) manufacturing in trying to accurately project/keep a promise to the WIN-ners (Want It Now!) among us retail customers (or front-line dealers).  It must be like trying to put on a delightful show for the kids with a bunch of marionettes that have a variety of elastic rubber or rotten cotton strings attached to all of the appendages!  

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