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Reply to "Challengers .."

I've been thinking about springing for a Williams Challenger for several years.

Be aware that there are two different challengers in Williams' brass line; both are scale:

1.) Road No. 3950, Crown Edition, c. 1987-88, Model #7000, Two-Tone Grey with White Stripes, in silver box with two large black stripes top and bottom

2.) Road No. 3958, Crown Edition, Masterpiece Line, c. 1995, Model BS-04, Two-Tone Grey with White Stripes, in silver box w/ smaller red stripe border

With most Williams brass if there are two of a given model, one in each line, for example the NYC Hudsons, you will find obvious differences in the level of details between the two lines, Masterpiece models being superior.  That doesn't appear to hold true with these two.  From what I can tell they are about equal.  If anybody knows differently please feel free to correct me.  I'd like to get the better of the two, if one is clearly better.

There have been quite a few of these, mostly the 3950's, on the resale market for the last several years.  Prices have been all over the map.  You should be able to find a good deal if you're patient.

For more about Williams Brass, courtesy former member Boomer, follow this link:


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