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Reply to "Changing the tires on a JLC UP Challenger"

@DdotCdot posted:

If you're not familiar with how to properly re-quarter drive rods - I'd hand her over to a trustworthy tech.

There's no quartering involved in removing the rods!  Quartering in the relationship between the left and drivers on a single axle, and it would only be altered by pulling a wheel off the axle!

@J. Motts posted:

I have the above locomotive, I need to change all of the tires on the front and rear sets of drivers.  Is there anything I should be aware of before I tackle it?  How hard is it to change these out?

Not hard at all.  The tries are on the rear axle of each power truck.  You just have to remove the one screw and note where the spacers are, pictures are useful.

The one point of caution is getting the eccentric crank back on the wheel in the correct orientation, it fit into the wheel notches in four different places.  Again, take a picture before you disassemble it, and make it match the picture.  FYI, the eccentric crank should point inward near the axle.  It's possible to put the eccentric on in any of four orientations, see below.  The green arrow is the correct orientation, note it points close to the axle.  The other orientations indicated by the red arrows are the wrong way and will result in lockups.

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