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Reply to "Changing the tires on a JLC UP Challenger"

You're certainly free to have your belief as to what is and isn't possible for a novice to do.  I happen to believe that the OP can successfully install traction tires on this locomotive with a little guidance.  There is nothing magical about changing these tires, a little care and direction and he can save him a chunk of cash and also gain a small amount of maintenance wisdom in the process.

@J. Motts posted:

I have the above locomotive, I need to change all of the tires on the front and rear sets of drivers.  Is there anything I should be aware of before I tackle it?  How hard is it to change these out?  I'm really nervous about this as I don't want to mess something up and have it become a Shelf Queen as I'm not really hankering to send it back to Lionel for this task.  This is the TMCC version and I really like it, I may have it converted over to Legacy in the near future.  Thanks for your help it will truly be appreciated.  I read the little book that came with it but it didn't make me feel to good about having to change them out but it has to be done.

J.Motts - if you decide to tackle it with some care and patience it can be done, and I hope it will be a satisfying experience for you.

If you decide to ease your nerves and let someone else handle it there’s absolutely no shame in that either. You have to go with the decision you’re comfortable with. There’s no wrong decision here, so long as you’re not uncomfortable.

Please know, despite what someone else might have you think, I do not believe you are a “novice” and would never imply such an outrageous assumption when trying to help anyone here reaching out to other experienced members for advice.

All the best.

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