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Reply to "Charles Ro Shipping"

Unfortunately, catalog copy outweighs a phone call with one individual.


We're not dealing with Athearn Genesis, Rapido Trains, Scale Trains or Walthers here.  We're dealing with the red-haired stepchild of Lionel and expectations should be lowered accordingly.

I suspect most of the Flyer Folks don't really care if the model matches the prototype.  Had a new roof been applied, I would wager Lionel would have taken heat "because the roof doesn't match the other cars."


True. However, I am a life long 'Flyer guy' and I do care within reason what S gauge and scale trains (setting prewar tinplate aside) look like as models relative to the prototypes. Historically, A. C. Gilbert and Maury Romer did, too.

For what it is worth.


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