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Cheap Prepainted figures. Heroclix!?!

UPDATE: Finally got around to photographing and blogging a bunch of these figures. See a few posts down.

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Anyone used Heroclix figures on their layout?

Heroclix is a game that uses prepainted figures on "clix" bases that are purchased in blind-packaging.  Though the focus is heroes of the DC and Marvel universe, the game has been out for over a decade and there are ALOT of figures that look like civilians, many of which are not desirable to serious players and can be acquired cheap second hand.

I've used cheap rebased heroclix in various wargames over the years but only just recently considered them for railroading.   I was digging through the $1 castoff Heroclix bin (some comic/game shops have even cheaper) at my local gaming shop and came up with 10 good civie figs.  After removing the big circular clicky base here's what I had.

Height wise they're between 33mm and 36mm from sole of foot to eyeline which brings them all to between 1/48 and 1/43!  This is for my toy-ish holiday layout so I might not even remove the integral black bases.

Not the most detailed figures in the world but they're as good as many painted railroad-intended figures.  Also, since they're vinyl, they can be slightly reposed by dipping in boiling water, bending and then immersing in ice water.   They can also be easily cut and reposed (glue with super glue).  They also paint well. 

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