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Reply to "Cheap Prepainted figures. Heroclix!?!"

@Eilif posted:

Sure thing. Looks like you got a good selection.

Removal is pretty much as I describe in the blog post.

I modified the instructions a bit.  I used a vise and an X-acto chisel.


I just used a tack hammer to lightly separate the base from the figure.  By holding an angle as shown and having the bevel face out, I was able to get them all off the bases with only slight damage to two of the fifty figures base.  It also went very quickly and my fingers were never in the line of fire.

Heroclix Figures Removed from Bases

I note that the thin bases were the ones that were really easy to remove, those must be the "early" version.  They just popped off without a fight.


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  • Heroclix Figures Removed from Bases
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