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 Dear Forum Members,

Our newest member of the Cherry Valley club is a finishing carpenter/builder by trade and  student of DCC/IT.

Lasr week the Tech Desk was installed in our operating ‘pit’ area to provide hands on IT environment while watching your locomotives travel the main line.

We are putting the finishing touches of the Tech Desk by adding JMRI and WiThrottle to bring the CV club into the 21st century and provide our members with a value added addition to test and operate their equipment to its maximum potential without a individual out of pocket expense.

Tech desk can provide a number of DCC/ IT services.

DCC programming

JMRI-Taking guesswork out of such DCC functions as speed matching /CV values  

ON/Off-DCC/DC testing and also coupler height and weight testing for freight cars.

Pictured Is builder Jim Musser on the left and his helper Frank Fusco.

Interesting to note Jim’s primary scale is HO and Frank’s is S.

Cherry Valley welcomes all model railroaders regardless of scale and skill.

We are hear to have FUN!!

Consider joining our Club!!

John P Dunn Sr.

President CVMRR



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