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Clearing the Right of Way For Layout Expansion 11-23-20

Hello Everyone,

I decided to expand my layout and lose about 90 square feet of my wood shop.    I decided I no longer will not be making much more wooden projects(except for what I need for the DBI RR).  I will add a small town with numerous industries to switch, a proper small yard for the DBI RR,  a return loop, and a lower level of track for my Thomas trains for the grand kids to enjoy.  Photos are included.  Any questions just ask.   I am still using a Hilti TE52 for drilling holes in concrete.  It drills 2 1/2 inches deep x 5/8 diameter in about 1 1/2 minutes.  This tool was purchased by my Dad in the mid 1980's for his electrical business and still works like a champ!  The expansion is a "Z" because I have to work around the opened garage door in my shop.DSC_0343DSC_0344DSC_0345


Images (3)
  • DSC_0343: This photo shows about 12 feet of bottom plate plate anchored to the concrete.
  • DSC_0344: These plywood walls will be removed.
  • DSC_0345: The short 2x4 on edge is the where a new wall will be built.
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