Reply to "Clearing the Right of Way for my New O Scale Layout UPDATE #4 NEW pics, March 2, 2020"

Tom Tee posted:

Somebody really does nice conduit work.

FWIW, I too shared my RR with a wood working shop.  Three large Delta air cleaners for friable dust and two 4" vacuum systems for chips but the dust problem still lingered. 

The remedy was to take  the main offenders; the table saw, 12" disk sander,  and router operation out to the garage leaving manageable dust for my cleaning systems.

No supposively well thought out maneuver goes unpunished.  My gasoline powered tools even though covered at all times, get saw dust in their intakes.

The RR kind of took over the basement and only minor woodworking in the staging room occurs now.

Photo shows dust collection pickup for 1 1/8" wire management holes.  This close in pickup yields no friable dust:



Thanks, I did the conduit work.  I used to be a commercial electrician.  My house, shop and other buildings are run in conduit.  Never liked romax.

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