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Reply to "Congratulate me! I'm going to be a Standard Gauge guy soon!"

@SteveMa posted:

Welcome to the wonderful community of standard gauge.  It is a little like a crack addiction so beware but every single time you walk into your train room, those colors pop and you smile.  Much cheaper than a therapist.

SteveMa, love what you said.

However, in my case, we have TWO Standard Gauge layouts in this home. So we get to smile twice as much!

I and hubby Tom both love the bright, shiny, colorful stuff that is all things tinplate.

Hubby has his own G scale in the back garden and an HO layout in the basement, and I'm building my O layout in its own dedicated room upstairs as we speak,  (and recently oh yeah, I commandeered a portion of the Foyer for a small Halloween Std. and O layout). But best of all, Tom really digs the Standard Gauge Tinplate. His favorite is the Great Room Showcase Layout.

And to reflect back, that when I started in Std. Gauge late 2015, early 12016 - I began with just an MTH Ives Circus set pushing it around the hardwood floor around the pool table legs, as I had no track initially!

Fast forward a few years-

1) We have my Standard Gauge "Showcase" Layout on the Main Floor, at the back of the Great Room:




2) And in Spring 2020, we began my Upstairs Standard Gauge Layout, in its own dedicated room:








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