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Reply to "Connecting LCS WiFi to a Home Network"

This doesn't likely help you a bit ... but I connected via wps first time.  Router is a linksys.  

After applying power to the LCS wifi connected to the base which I'd used previously only as an access point -- I selected the wps button on the router (via an admin utility).  Some linksys online documentation claimed I had 2 mins to form a wps connection with a device...

The admin utility indicated the router was waiting...

So I then flipped the switch on the LCS wifi to "join to network" from access point.

After that I depressed the wps button for a few seconds until I got a fast pulse on the green led ...

Moments after that my router claimed it was connected... and the green led went to its normal "heart beat" (slow pulse) pattern... 

But I didn't actually use it connected in this way-- meaning I didn't try to read any packets off the engines, etc.. didn't have time today for that ... maybe tomorrow. 

Due to the location of the router relative to the lcs wifi in my set up-- that is they are far apart with a bad signal to boot.  I'm not likely to keep it this way ...

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