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Reply to "Connecting LCS WiFi to a Home Network"

gunrunnerjohn posted:
Tony_V posted:


A couple of things I would try.

First, have you tried to disable the security altogether and see if it will connect?

Second, I seem to remember having a printer or something that was fussy about the type of encryption for WPA2.  I typically set mine to TKIP/AES but you may have some luck trying all 3 settings in there.

Finally this is a very rudimentary suggestion but you don't have any MAC filtering enabled do you?  

It sure seems weird it would work as an AP but not connect to the home network.


Well... disabling all my network security seems to be a generally bad idea.  If that's what it takes to connect the WiFi unit, something is seriously wrong!  First off, the whole point of WPS is to connect with security to the router, hence the name Wifi Protected Setup.  Also, WPS only works if you have WPA.

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it is a wireless networking standard that tries to make connections between a router and wireless devices faster and easier. It works only for wireless networks that have WPA Personal or WPA2 Personal security.

No MAC filtering enabled.


It's also not possible to connect the LCS WiFi without using WPS.  The only option for connection is to press a WPS Enable button. 

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