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Reply to "Continuing Saga of Lionel's poor new truck design"

@Lionelski posted:


Got a couple pics of just that section of track without the cars on it?

Is that the only place these cars derail like that?

How many cars are behind those derailing?

Here is the switch without cars (excuse my split tie) just a standard 054/072 Ross switch. This is a RH, I also have a LH which these cars are just as bad on. Below is also a video of cars going the other way. This happens every time.

Those two switches are where I have most of the issues but have had other derailments. Several times in an area of my layout that has an 0-62 curve transition into 3 switches. It jumps the track after  the curve coming into the switches.

Whats in these videos is 17 new Lionel milk cars and an atlas caboose. The first video the cars were being basked through the switch by an engine.


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