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Reply to "Continuing Saga of Lionel's poor new truck design"

Message to @mattrains


With the new design of the DEFECTIVE (Vietnam) coupler/trucks on these cars, why didn't the quality control engineer verify the accuracy and compatibility of the couplers? Why should I have to pay for his or her screwup?

If I buy a new car from Ford, only to find out that the tires are undersized, should I pay for new tires to fix their defect?

You guys are missing the point. It IS Lionel's responsibility to deliver QUALITY products for a reasonable price that makes a profit for them. WE should not accept inferior quality and then have to fork out additional dollars to fix THEIR lack of quality control. And if the issue is really with their supplier, then it is Lionel's issue, NOT OURS.

When Atlas screwed up the California Zephyr cars several years ago, they corrected it at THEIR costs. Then sent replacement window inserts to those that purchased the the cars at NO COST to us.

When Athearn misrepresented the accuracy of the Genesis F3's (HO gauge) they shipped replacement shells at NO COST to those that purchased the engines and we did not have to return to incorrect shells.

Am I frustrated, you're **** right, and I bought only one car. As far as I am concerned, until Lionel fixes the issue, the rest of the Friendship and milk cars can remain on dealers shelves or at Lionel's warehouse.


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